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Refund and Returns Policy

As these products are 'Print on Demand', once the order has been made, the production can often start automatically. After the order is placed, changes or cancellations may not be possible. Please contact me as soon as possible if any changes to your order are required. We will contact our printer and see if there is anyway to halt the production.

Refunds or replacements are only available for 30 days after an item is delivered, and only if the item is damaged or does not match your order. If you receive an item that is damaged or does not match your order, please take photos of the item(s) and the package and contact me as soon as possible. We will respond with a request for photos and get in touch with our printer.

Missing or Late Parcels

If your parcel has not arrived within the expected timeframe or the tracking shows something that concerns you, please contact me.

If the tracking for your parcel shows that it has been delivered and you have not received it:

  1. Check all delivery points (front door, back door, p.o. box, concierge)
  2. Ask anyone else you live with if they have received it
  3. Call your post office
  4. If you have done all of the above and still have not found your parcel, contact me.

We realise the 'COVID' excuse for late postage is probably getting old, but there are several genuine reasons for postal delays and back logs. We ask for your patience with this and please know we will follow up with our printers and check with the delivery company. We do not enjoy delays ourselves - so we will try to reduce them whenever we can.